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Inspired by the real kids and families Dr. Browne has helped over many years of practice, Food Allergy Conqueror: Ollies OIT Story will delight and educate anyone who has food allergies (or loves someone who does!).


Your child will love Food Allergy Conqueror: Ollies OIT Story because:

  • Ollie will be a friend and inspiration as they follow his journey through OIT
  • His story gives them the words and understanding they need to own their own journey
  • It helps them share what they’re going through with others


This book is ideal for parents who:

  • Want their child to be safe with meals and snacks at home, school, and play
  • Desire a way out of the cycle of label-reading and allergic reactions
  • Seek a fun, relatable way to prepare their child for OIT treatment


Having food allergies does not have to be a life sentence for your child. There are proven options available to change your childs health trajectory for the better. As a father of children with food allergies and allergist/immunologist, Dr. Browne knows all about the restaurant limitations, the label reading, the expensive substitute foods, the making two different versions of things, the fear when they experience a reaction, the pain of watching them feel different or left out… and, along with his wife, he created Food Allergy Conqueror: Ollies OIT Story to engage children and inspire families to face their fears head-on and journey to a safer relationship with food. 



Having food allergies does not have to be a life sentence. OIT is an option.